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I stand for the freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams.

--Madonna Ciccone

Audrey's Story


Audrey has more than 35 years of business experience all closely related to the retail industry. With her degree in fashion design, she developed her successful career on a diverse path from design houses through the media industry, spending more than 15 years as a software trainer with Retail Pro and POS software.

It is her integrity, experience, straight talk to produce straight results that most often gravitates her clients to mutually focus on the success of their retail location.  She believes in taking a “holistic approach to working with clients, with full attention ultimately focused on cash flow.”  With technology as a basis, Audrey utilizes best in class tools to manage cash flow, break even analysis, expense management, financial efficiency, along with advertising and marketing to position clients for exponential success.

The diversity with the retail industry, along with many years of experience in retail, point of sale systems and software, make Audrey a highly sought after consultant for specialty retail stores looking to improve efficiency and their bottom line.

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I have never been more surprised and pleased with the strength of the team supporting my business. As an entrepreneur and I think I know what I am doing most of the time. It was great to see it in black and white and have a lot of guidance in what to buy, what not to buy, staying on a budget.

It has been extremely helpful. It has been almost two years and I am very, very grateful. They do the back end sitting down crunching the numbers. I always thought I would sit down and put the reports together before I went buying, but I never did. So Audrey comes once a month. We go over what I should buy, what I should not buy. Where my dollars are best spent?


Which categories are on fire? Which categories are slowing down? It has been very, very, helpful for me. I have gotten on board in a couple of categories that I probably would not without their help and expertise. It [my experience with Audrey and open to buy planning] has been great.


Balboa Island, CA

—  Diane Pratt, Owner

Crush Clothing

Balboa Island, CA

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